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Compost Bins

Stylish and Durable. Natural Home® Kitchen Compost Bins come in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors, making an attractive addition to any counter-top. The sleek, dishwasher-safe compost bins hold food scraps until they are transferred to an outdoor compost area.


MOBOO®, molded bamboo, a durable, non-toxic, and an all-natural alternative to plastic that is light on the planet and healthy for you and your family. MOBOO® is produced with rice starch and an all-natural plant based binder making it an alternative to plastic that's light on the planet.


Tough, durable, and lightweight. Bamboo is one of nature's most sustainable resources and in comparison it is stronger than oak, while it reaches maturity in just four years — without pesticides. Bamboo's density makes it naturally water-resistant, inhibiting germs and bacteria.





Our product brands, MOBOO®, Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Organic Cotton, Recycled Glass, and Cork, help you cut down on environmental degradation, by recycling and reusing the already created product over and over again, without losing quality or beauty.

MOBOO®, molded bamboo, is all natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals; Stainless Steel minimizes emissions by increasing its reuse and recyclability levels; Organic Cotton supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems; Recycled Glass, simple, just reuse, reduce and recycle; and Cork promotes economic and social development in areas prone to desertification.


Green Lifestyle

Once a faddish preoccupation of the fringe, green is not only mainstream, it is chic. In fact, green consumers are early adopters and leaders who influence purchasing behavior.

One in four Americans are a part of the green lifestyle sector. These consumers purchase goods and services focused on the environment, health, personal development and sustainable living. Our products appeal to consumers who are interested in creating a healthy home and lifestyle for themselves and their families – from table to yard, and everything in between. And we deliver these sustainable lifestyle consumers bringing sustainable products that are exceptional quality and designed for your home.



Consumers face numerous choices when looking for sustainable products for the home. Although this is a welcome change, it can be difficult to communicate products benefits in a crowded marketplace.

Today’s consumers hear a lot of claims about environmentally friendly products, but it can be difficult to know which products are truly conscientious. Natural Home® Products has been the authority on green home products to natural cleaning supplies. Long before sustainability became chic, Natural Home® Products touted the virtues of renewable bamboo and warned about the dangers of phthalates in plastics. We want you to have access to products that are healthy for your home and your family.